An Objective Conversation On Purchasing FFXIV GIL

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At least they are honest about what they need though, a lot of people simply take to newsgroups and whine for changes and attribute a number of stuff to avoid admitting they would be happy if the desirable item was just mailed to them. I think that as long as people have this attitude where they do not desire to work for the prize, RMT will exist and be a part of the online games we play.

it’s easy, it’s like trading stocks. so long as you can turn off that small portion of your brain that tells you that you are screwing people out of cash while providing nothing of value to the market…if you don’t mind being a parasite on the economy you can make easy money.

Others purchasing gil doesn’t affect me in any manner, I could not care less what they do with their money. Although skipping the process of making the gil over yourself would be something I’d never have the ability to live down; That’s the hell they deserve.

You wave them around for 10 minutes, kill some mobs, and then go “okay, that was cool, but now what?” Then you cease. You’re not going to keep chasing the stick, if there is no carrot on the stick, and you unsubscribe. Players who purchase their way to the top really rarely stick aroundThey get bored and buy their way to the top of another game.

Made a throwaway for this. I’ve never purchased or sold gil in ffxiv, I have yet bought in wow, and bought and sold in ffxi. In both ff mmo’s I’ve botted, hell I’m botting as I type this. In xi it was practically a necessity to compete in a hnm ls, and due to this I believe a lot of it went undetected. There was a period of time in xi where a handful of buddies and myself all controlled a particular fish market for months. Each of us making close to 30mil gil in a limited time. Most of which I sold.