We work together with other rescue organizations with the common goal of rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, educating the public about native species and what we can do to preserve and protect the environment they live in.

Other Important Phone Numbers

 squirrels  Sharon
(805) 498-8653
 raccoons  Cathy
(805) 374-9027
 bobcats  Nicki
(805) 482-4127
and ravens
(805) 581-3911
 small mammals (squirrels, opossums, skunks)  Marcia
(310) 480-1760
 sea birds, ducks, and ducklings  IBRRC
(310) 514-2573
 All species in the South Bay and surrounding areas  South Bay Wildlife
 birds of prey in Ventura County  Ojai Raptor  Center
(805) 649-6884
 For hummingbirds  Frank (310) 657-0812
 Los Angeles Animal Services  (888) 452-7381

Due to the high volume of animals we recieve from the Los Angeles area, we cannot intake animals from Ventura County.  Please call the following if you have found orphaned/injured wildlife in Ventura County:

 Songbirds in Ventura County  Beth 805-320-2438
 All species in Santa Barbara  805-966-9005


*Please note, we are unable to pick up animals from the public.  We will spend the next several weeks to months caring for the animal that you have found, and hope that the public can do their part by getting the animal to one of our volunteers. We can direct you to the closest volunteer or organization possible.  The only exception to this is skunks and/or dangerous species, in which case we will handle such species on a case by case basis.*

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