How is your self-esteem?

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The need to exercise self-respect in today’s society

Much is said about self-esteem but little about its true meaning. Self-esteem is the view that a person has of himself. From it it is possible to define the way in which challenges are faced. And one of the main points is that it begins to be developed during childhood.

A Dove study, carried out in 2020, shows that about 84% of 13-year-old Brazilian girls have already used an app to change their image in their photos. In addition, 78% have low self-esteem and change at least one part of their body that they don’t like before posting a photo on social media.

The truth is that body image is one of the biggest problems for this generation, especially women in their growth phase. In an era where 62% of people publish content daily on Instagram, it is possible to say that we have a digital environment made for appearance comparisons.

And speaking of social media…

Today, we can divide the world in two: real and digital. And the way people behave is very different in each one. While in real life people tend to have more respect for the other’s life, in digital life they can become a real villain by making comments while hiding behind a screen. 

All criticism usually comes from the pursuit of happiness and perfection in real life. Sounds complex, right? But it is these types of posts and comments that bring about self-esteem issues and, therefore, empathy needs to be practiced in both worlds. 

The emotional wear and tear of always wanting to know what happens on social media and the wave of hate and dislikes can harm mental health. Users can experience a variety of negative feelings, such as anger and sadness, so it is not surprising that the main mental disorders caused by social networks are anxiety and depression.

In addition, cell phone addiction can cause a vicious cycle where the person, to feel good, needs to be connected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When this resource is used so heavily, our mental health ends up being damaged, as well as our ability to connect in person. 

How does self-esteem relate to health?

Remember we talked about building self-esteem since childhood? Well, that goes in here too. By including self-confidence in her concept, she goes beyond liking herself and starts to integrate other people’s thoughts. When a person becomes insecure, they tend to have characteristics such as difficulty in stating their own opinions and poor understanding, clarity and understanding of themselves.

The right help for those in need

But calm down, the digital world is not always a bogeyman: there are groups and safe places where people can exchange information and experiences on different subjects, in a broader way, without receiving judgments and prejudices. 

The process of developing self-esteem can be complicated, so don’t hesitate to seek follow-up with professionals. Vitta offers assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via WhatsApp, that is, we are always by your side.